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Relocation Statute Change

Indiana Relocation Statute 

Effective July 1, 2019, Indiana’s relocation statute changed.  A relocating individual must provide notice of their intent to relocate 30 days before the intended move or within 14 days of learning of their relocation.  The other parent has 20 days to file a response – even if they are not objecting to the relocation.


These are important changes to the statute.  Under the old law, a parent was required to give notice to the Court of any relocation 90 days before the relocation and the other parent had 60 days to file an objection to the relocation.  This is a significant reduction in the amount of time each parent has to object to the relocation.  Further, the non-relocating parent was only required to file a response if they were objecting to the relocation. 


Further, the prior law required a notification of every move.  The new statute provides exceptions to the notice requirements.  Now, the relocating individual does not have to provide notice to the Court if the relocation will decrease the distance between the non-relocating parent’s home and the relocating parent’s home.  You are not required to file a notice of his/her move if the child remains in the same school and the distance between your home and non-relocating parent’s home is increased by less than 20 miles.  However, you must still provide the new address, telephone number and email address to the other parent.


While the changes have reduced the notice requirements and simplified the relocation process, it has also added the burden on the non-relocating parent to file a response within 20 days even if the relocation is acceptable to the other parent.

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