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Hiring Competitor Employees - Will You Be Safe or Sorry?

Presented by Craig Patterson

In today's tight job market, finding qualified employees is a challenge for most companies.  At the same time, qualified employees are finding themselves in a good position that allows them to shop for better jobs.  This all results in an environment where companies regularly face opportunities to hire employees of competitor companies.  Often times, these opportunities come with risk.  Competitor employees likely have knowledge and access to knowledge about their current employer.  In many cases, these competitor employees interact with the competitor's customers.  This knowledge and these relationships may be protected under the law.  Some of this protection is embedded in the law while other protections arise from written contracts in the form of restrictive covenants.  Regardless, you need to be prepared.  Otherwise, you may be hiring your next lawsuit.

    More and more, we are seeing companies being very proactive in the hiring process with regard to the employees of their competitors.  This allows those companies to understand and mitigate any competitive risk associated with the potential hire.  In our workshop on April 23, 2019, we will help you understand how to determine if there are competitive risks in hiring a particular employee and, if such risks are present, how to evaluate them, and possibly navigate them to result in a successful hire.  It continues to amaze us how many companies think they have certain protections in place but do not.  Finding these holes may result in your company being able to hire someone you may have thought was off limits due to certain restrictions.  At the same time, we will help you protect your company by identifying any gaps that may exist that would allow key employees to leave for a competitor.  Your company's vital information and customer relationships are at stake.  In the end, we want you to be prepared to make good decisions that give your company a competitive edge.




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