While sometimes litigation is the only way to settle a dispute, we are finding that, with increasing frequency, clients are looking for a more amicable, cost-effective approach to resolve conflict. At Beckman Lawson, LLP, we have a team of experienced attorneys offering mediation services in civil and family law disputes.

In mediation, the mediator acts as a neutral party who facilitates negotiations between disputing parties and helps them come to an agreement. While many courts require mediation, settlement of a case is not a required outcome. Mediation is a structured process in which the mediator meets with the parties involved in a disagreement and assists them in reaching a solution that is mutually acceptable. Mediation empowers parties to take full control of the settlement process and make decisions in a positive, focused environment that avoids the unnecessary costs, delays, and emotional turmoil that are often associated with litigation.

We have significant experience in both family law and civil mediation. Heidi K. Koeneman is a registered domestic and family law mediator. Craig R. Patterson and Matthew J. Elliott are registered civil mediators.  Contact them today to discuss how your case can be resolved without the stress and costs of litigation, but through the mediation process.

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